Breast Biopolymers Removal

The breast as many other areas of the body has been the target of the indiscriminate injection of biopolymers in order to appparently improve the shape and increase the volumen of them.

Biopolymers react with the surrounding soft tissues, eliciting an autoinmune response of the body, leading to many adverse effects and complications such as breast deformities, skin necrosis and infections .

Open periareolar technique aloud us to remove bipolimers obtaining aesthetic breast shape and functional result

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Biopolymers removal open technique

The main objective that we pursue is to achieve the removal of the largest amount of tissues containing Biopolymers, simultaneously respecting those tissues that are healthy and later allow a secondary reconstruction of the breasts.

Usually we perform a subcutaneous mastectomy, which allows the removal of the entire mammary gland and fat tissue invaded by the biopolymers.

In our technique we completely preserve the pectoral muscle, with the purpose of a second surgical time to perform a breast reconstruction by placing implants behind the pectoral muscle. In this way it is possible to restore the shape and volume of the breasts.

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